Pournia Konitsa
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The Region Pournia of Konitsa

The village of Pournia is located 28km away from Konitsa, in the dense forests of Smolika and at an altitude of 950m. Thick forests with various types of trees border the village. High mountains, deep ravines, rivers with crystal clear water and clear air, offer visitors the unique pleasure and the unforgettable experience of nature.

The fauna of the region is rich with bears, wild boars, wildcats, foxes, wolves, hares, badgers, partridges and other wildlife. The entrance of the village is marked by two monuments, on of natural beauty and the other of special human activity: The Black Stone is a huge steep rock, on which one of its ledges dominates a hagiography in the form of Jesus Christ. Opposite the Black Stone is the stone bridge of Mavri Petra built in the period “1814 to 1817”, with an arc of 20 meters, height of 20 meters and width 2.8 meters, the unique composition demonstrates how nature and humans can work together to impress visitors. Buttresses extend left and right to reduce to the weight and to better support the bridge.


The platan at the central square



Traditional house at Pournia



Αρχική Σελίδα Επικοινωνία Χάρτης Ιστοσελίδας