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The Hotel

Peristero Hotel is located 25 km from Konitsa in the village of Pournia, a beautiful village with cold waters and rich oak and black pine forests, while higher towards Kleftis and the top Daliopolis of Smolikas, there are also beech forests.

Shortly before the village, the visitor meets the bridge of Mavri Petra, which has stood there since 1817 and is impressed by the nearby steep rock, where an unknown artist of previous centuries painted the image of the Pantocrator.


Discover our Place

The village of Pournia is located 28km away from Konitsa, in the dense forests of Smolika and at an altitude of 950m. Thick forests with various types of trees border the village. High mountains, deep ravines, rivers with crystal clear water and clear air, offer visitors the unique pleasure and the unforgettable experience of nature.

Pournia is surrounded by imposing high mountains, deep shadows, ravines, densely planted ravines, clearings, pits with crystal clear waters, fresh air, offer the visitor a unique aesthetic pleasure and unforgettable experience in nature.

The main living room

In the reception area is the main living room of our hotel where it also functions as a cafeteria to relax on cold winter nights by the fireplace.

On summer days you can unwind the beauties of nature on the balcony of our living room leads me to our beautiful paved courtyard.


In a warm atmosphere with surrounding hearth and beautiful scenic views. Our guest can try traditional dishes of the region, such as home-made bread and marmalades, delicious pies, salads and traditional sweets all of which are prepared with great care by Mrs. Peristero

During the summer, our meals are served in the garden, located outside the restaurant. 

Relax and Enjoy Your Vacation